The names are fake (privacy!), but the feelings are real: people love working with Fortuna Money. And you don’t have to take our word for it.

My work with Jen as a financial coach has not only allowed me to feel more confident in my own financial decision-making but has disrupted so much guilt and shame over my past choices. Her work and expertise have helped guide me to realistic goals for budgeting and long-term financial planning. I had so much fear around sitting down and looking at my whole financial picture, but now it’s a process I enjoy doing! I can’t emphasize the importance of having someone knowledgeable and compassionate to help navigate the thousands of choices I feel I have to make about money every day.

I dealt with a lot of money guilt and shame about debt growing up and the stress of saving for retirement, daily budgets, and paying down debt felt overwhelming. I thought I would talk to a financial advisor when I got things together, but after working with Jen I know the importance of being supported throughout the process. I may not be free of debt yet, but I am free of the guilt weighing me down and am making financially healthy decisions in line with my values. Highly recommend booking that first session!

– R.

There are no words for how kind, compassionate, smart, and inspiring Jen’s financial coaching services have been. We don’t consider ourselves bad with money, but had gotten to a point in our household where we had added a kid to the mix and had a lot of questions around how to make the right tradeoffs in terms of saving, investing, or paying off our non-mortgage debts.

Jen’s analytic eye combined with her kindness and customized experience for our family really inspired us to reinvigorate our budgeting and planning in a way that didn’t feel like work. Within literally a month of working with Jen we had paid off a car payment in full and had rearranged some pre-tax witholdings such that we had an actually higher take home income to use in smarter ways. Not to mention, the value for money for these sessions is amazing compared to other coaching services.

We loved our time working with Fortuna and would recommend it unreservedly to anyone, at any stage of their financial journey.

– Anne and Tobin

If you should know anything about Jen Bower, the face of Fortuna Money, her approach to financial health considers a whole-person concept. Many advisors will tell you to forgo your simple pleasures (or mild vices—however you view your glass), whereas Jen searches for a balance between financial security and happiness.

I have reached out to Jen with general budgeting questions and received a wealth of information on best practices for managing my finances, planning for the future, and understanding where my money goes. Her approach removes judgment from the equation and leverages tangible forms, so you are equipped to handle your financial agenda. This transparency is refreshing, granting you greater agency over your life, finances, and—really—happiness. (And while wealth doesn’t buy happiness, it definitely doesn’t hurt it.)

The greatest support I received from Jen was in negotiating two raises over the last year, which resulted in a salary increase of fifty percent. After sage conversations with coworkers, I realized I was being paid far less than my peers, which unsettled my confidence and perceived value. While I started looking elsewhere for work, she helped me determine my market value in terms of primary and secondary skills, identify my red lines as they pertain to salary needs (or other benefit offsets), and draft a concise compensation request to provide my employer. Aside from enjoying a larger paycheck, I feel more confident in my skin as a person and as an employee—which, in itself, is a significant development in my well-being.

Understand that Jen is passionate about helping you improve your situation, and she will search for options that work with your present state and help you achieve your objectives. Her blog posts are well-researched, considerate, and—most of all—useful, while her individual advisement sessions are tailored specifically to your needs. In both settings, she offers keen analytical approaches to addressing financial issues to help you thrive, no matter your situation.

– Blake