Financial transformation doesn’t happen in a vacuum! Here are a few professionals that we know and trust who would be really excited to support you on your journey.

CPA Services

Susan Gordon Lee, CPA – personal CPA services, small business tax and accounting, business payroll

Business Bookkeeping

Kendall Creek, IQ Bookkeeping – prior year books clean-up; ongoing bookkeeping; invoicing, accounts receivable; bill payment, accounts payable; sales tax payments; payroll, HR services, tax prep, class tracking, job costing, and fractional CFO bookkeeping.


Gretchen Jacox, LCSW, Clinician

Dyana Bostian, LCSW, Clinical Social Work/Therapist at Ebb and Flow Therapy Services

Personal Development

Carrie Wren, MSW, Professional Certified Coach – Executive + Relationship Coach

Rikki Postal, Personal Development and Performance Mentoring

Kacey Cardin, ACCC, PCC – Executive + Leadership Coaching

Professional/Career Consulting

Audris Campbell – career consulting and resumé review for individuals working in or looking to break into research, data, analysis, and technology fields

Financial Advisors

Due to regulatory considerations, financial advisors can’t accept advertisements or endorsements on my webpage, so drop me a quick note at if you’d like a referral.