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We’re Fortuna Money, and we provide compassionate, smart money guidance for life’s big changes through financial education, free resources, and hands-on client work. Whether you’re facing a major transition, just starting out your financial journey, or looking to build on a strong foundation… we’re here to help you live a life that’s aligned with your values, not your billing cycles.

Fortuna Money is here for you when…

You’re facing a big life change, and you need support.

Perhaps you’re starting a new job, moving, hoping to buy a house, getting married, growing your family, or receiving a windfall. Or you might be dealing with divorce or loss. Whether you’re dealing with an exciting change or a heartbreak, it can be hard to manage that situation and your financial well-being. If you’d like a guide to help you handle the money side of a big life transition with calm, clarity, and confidence, you’ve come to the right place.

You’re at the very beginning of your financial empowerment journey.

Most of us grew up in an era where financial literacy education was optional — or not even available. But even if you aced your high school personal finance class, you graduated into a world where we’re bombarded every day by people and companies trying to separate us from our hard-earned dollars. If you feel stressed about your debt or struggle with money management, don’t worry — we’ve been there too, and we can help you figure out your first steps forward with compassionate accountability.

You feel good about parts of your money life, but you don’t always feel organized or confident.

Maybe you’re great at earning money but you haven’t figured out saving. Or maybe you’re an awesome saver, but you don’t know how much is “enough.” Maybe you’ve got the earning and savings on lock, but the conflicting advice in the personal finance sphere never seems to fit your situation. We can sit down with you to help you understand your options and make the choices that are right for your life and your values.

What our clients are saying…

There are no words for how kind, compassionate, smart, and inspiring Jen’s financial coaching services have been. Jen’s analytic eye combined with her kindness and customized experience for our family really inspired us to reinvigorate our budgeting and planning in a way that didn’t feel like work.

– Anne & Tobin

I had so much fear around sitting down and looking at my whole financial picture, but now it’s a process I enjoy doing!… I may not be free of debt yet, but I am free of the guilt weighing me down and am making financially healthy decisions in line with my values. Highly recommend booking that first session!

– R.

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We’re Fortuna Money, and we provide compassionate, smart support for your money goals through financial education, free resources, and hands-on client work.