New clients, start here

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Hello, new client! I’m thrilled that you’re here and honored that you’ve come to Fortuna Money for your financial transformation.

As a first-timer, you get to book our best-value Financial Strategy Session. This is a big-picture, CFO-your-life deep-dive that takes a look at your assets, debts, payments, salary, savings rate, money management strategy, and anything else that’s on your money mind. You receive actionable, prioritized recommendations in writing afterwards, as well as a month of follow-up support via text and email as part of your purchase.

To prepare for this session, you will fill out this intake form, which will give me a sense of your household’s big financial picture. I use that information and our discussion during the session to identify your most impactful steps forward. These might include things like right-sizing your cash savings, paying down risky debts, dialing in your retirement savings rate, and other key tasks for a financially healthy life.

At that initial session, I will also give you a tool to figure out the monthly “cost of being you,” which helps fine-tune goals for savings and retirement and is a great jumping-off point to develop a budgeting strategy that fits your needs.

This session is eligible for need-based scholarship pricing; if you think you might qualify, please check out our short and easy application!